20th Anniversary Documents - a CEU-wide online discussion platform

Dear members of the CEU community,

On behalf of the 20th Anniversary Committee, we would like to call your attention to important academic documents available at the CEU 20th anniversary website  (https://20.ceu.hu/documents). 

The CEU community decided that the anniversary year should serve as an occasion for serious intellectual and academic reflection rather than just a celebration of the 20 years of existence of the University. Heads of the Departments and Programs had been asked to write short but substantive historiographic essays, assessing the state of their respective fields, the developments in the past twenty years, and the contributions of the CEU programs to the changes of the disciplines.

Seventeen reports are now available on the 20th anniversary site, at https://20.ceu.hu/documents. These essays can serve as the basis for both further academic reflection, debates, and also as starting points for a university-wide discussion on the future goals of CEU, and for the articulation of a broader vision for the next decade. As members of an independent, autonomous community, unconstrained by bureaucratic restrictions, it is our responsibility to set the future intellectual directions for the University. The reports prepared by our colleagues deserve scrutiny, reflection, and additional new ideas. The size and the atmosphere of the University make it possible for all of us to take an active role in shaping the future of CEU. 

Therefore, we ask you, students, faculty and staff, to make good use of this opportunity, and contribute to a productive and high-quality discussion for the benefit of the present and future members of the CEU community. We would like to warmly encourage you to log in at https://20.ceu.hu with your Novell ID and to comment on the essays published in the "20th Anniversary Documents" section of the site. This will function as a platform for discussion, moderated by the Provost.  As a very small "material" incentive, members of the community who submit their comments by June 15, 2011 will have a chance to win an iPod Touch with CEU 20th anniversary logo.

With best wishes,

Members of the CEU 20th Anniversary Committee