20th Anniversary Postdoctoral Fellowships

CEU 20 th Anniversary Postdoctoral Fellowship - Department of Medieval Studies

To Make Dead Bodies Talk.Bio-archaeological heritage: historical human remains and their academic, social and religious contexts.

Seminar Cycle: To Make Dead Bodies Talk – Approaches Towards the Dead


3rd Seminar: Laws for the Dead and the Living on 15 May 2012

Presentations by:
Judit Sándor: The Human and the Person – Legal Dilemmas on the Human Body in Research
Daniel Ziemann: Regulations for the Dead in Early Medieval Canon Law


2nd Seminar: Dissecting Bodies took plac on 20 March 2012

Presentations by:
Marianne Sághy: From Corpse to Relic: The Cult of the Saints and Its critics in Late Antiquity
Enikő Demény: Dissecting the Dead for Medical Purposes: Attitudes towards deceased organ donations


The CEU Anniversary Committee received a number of very good applications for the 20th Anniversary Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.  A subcommittee reviewed the proposals, and selected five projects, based on the criteria announced in the call. There were other remarkable and interesting projects that unfortunately could not be supported from the limited funds available but the members very much hope that many of those projects will nonetheless succeed from other sources. The Provost and the Anniversary Committee would like to thank everyone for submitting their applications for the 20th Anniversary Postdoctoral Fellowship scheme.

Selected projects are the following:

Project: Political Economy of Financialization
Project leaders: Thomas Fetzer,  Kristin Makszin
Host: Political Economy Research Group (PERG)

Project: Explorations east of the Mediterranean: new frontiers of pre-/early modern humanities at CEU
Project leaders:  Volker Menze, Niels Gaul
Host: Center of Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS)

Project: The applications of experimental research in political science subfields such as political psychology, political communication, electoral and legislative politics
Project leader: Oana Lup
Host: Political Behaviour Research Group (PolbeRG)

Project: To Make Dead Bodies Talk: Bio-archaeological heritage historical human remains and their academic, social and religious context
Project leader:  Katalin Szende
Host: Medieval Studies Department, CELAB

Project: Network analysis in the political context
Project leaders: Balazs Vedres, Levente Littvay
Host: Center for Network Science (CNS)


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