First Events Supported by the 20th Anniversary Fund

The members of the CEU 20th Anniversary Committee would like to announce the first events that have been selected for the Anniversary Events Fund.

The Anniversary Fund will support the following events:

1. "Competing and complementary visions of the social: history, sociology, anthropology" – an international interdisciplinary workshop organized jointly by the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology and Department of History.

2. "Legacies and (dis)continuities in the Eastern Mediterranean: reflections on comparative and innovative methodologies in late antique, Byzantine, and Ottoman studies" – an international graduate student day organized by the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS).

3. "New Approaches and Methodological Challenges in Jewish Studies. Critical Readings of Testimonies" – a one day workshop organized jointly by the Jewish Studies Program and the Department of Gender Studies, in cooperation with the CEU Library.

The members of the CEU 20th Anniversary Committee would also like to inform about the recently amended application procedure for the Anniversary Events Fund. Applications will now be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis rather than according to previously announced deadlines. Therefore, you may submit your event proposal at any time and expect that the Committee will review it at their next meeting. Information on the dates of the upcoming meetings of the Anniversary Committee is available from the Secretary upon request; please send your inquiries to Julia Iwinska at